Zendek, ¿qué es? ¿por qué puiede ayudarme?

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You want to offer your clients the best online store experience possible. Then, you should have specialized software that helps you with day-to-day procedures. One of the most popular is Zendesk, a CRM that offers support and sales related functionality, designed to make customer interactions easy and agile.


What is Zendesk

It is a system that offers help or attention to the clients of e-commerce. Its main function is to facilitate the interactions of site visitors with those responsible, making communication more fluid and efficient. Its development allows users to work with it both from their computers (Mac or PC) and from their iOS or Android mobile devices. You only need an Internet connection, a browser, or a mobile app, and you will be able to speak and solve the doubts of the clients that come to your site. In fact, there are over 50,000 companies using Zendesk, mainly US-based companies with 1M-10M dollars revenues.

Your messages will enter the form of a ticket to the platform, which allows you to prioritize them to solve the doubts. Thanks to this system you can also have updated reports on the quantity and quality of the responses, thus being able to know the degree of satisfaction of your audience. One of the main benefits of Zendesk is that the customers can contact you by the channel of their preference.


In addition, Zendesk also offers other features based on improving the quality of responses:

Automate responses to streamline the contact process through macros.

Categorized the tickets in a way that is operational to be able to locate them if needed.

Organize your tickets through tags, which will allow you to optimize the search system according to your needs.

Establish conditions to create actions through triggers. For example, if you enter a query about a specific topic, allow a notification to reach you.

Personalization is key to achieving customer loyalty. This way they will become customers and return to the site when they want another of the products you offer. To be more precise, four in five (80%) companies report an uplift since implementing personalization. That is why Zendesk offers you a lot of variables so that you can work with the platform as you like.


What Zendesk software brings to your business:

As you may have guessed, using Zendesk is a great competitive advantage for companies and online stores. In addition, there are some benefits to point out:

It has a really simple interface, making it very easy to communicate with customers, which does not require extensive training by those responsible.

It groups in a single site the most convenient communication channels such as email or telephone, along with newer ones, such as social networks.

Its design facilitates the best relationship with customers.

It allows you to create a completely personalized help center to automate the answers to the most common questions.

– You will save time thanks to the tools it offers.

– It has personalized and scalable plans so you can adapt the platform according to your needs and budget.

– You will have all the security functions, including the GDPR certification.

– It integrates with some 300 applications by default.

You can test all its features thanks to the free version they offer.


The best relationship with your client

Zendesk makes it easy for your customers to talk to you quickly and easily from any channel. In addition, with the internal help desk, you can also establish more fluid communication between employees. In businesses, personalization can increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10 to 30 percent. Having a software that allows you to provide such services is always an advantage

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