Centribal Platform

The Centribal Platform is the chatbot creation, management and training software that integrates with your customers’ favorite channels.

What is Centribal Platform?

The Centribal Platform is the chatbot creation, management and training software that improves communication, customer service processes and boosts sales.


Centribal Platform has been designed to integrate with all CRM and ticket-management tools, and to respond to customer enquiries about offers, promotions, payments and support, among others. 


Be autonomous in creating, training and managing your chatbots via an easy, intuitive platform, and use artificial intelligence to enhance your business with the support of our step-by-step guides and our free Academy platform. 


Reducing Frequently Asked Questions


Reduction of tickets and incidents


Churn Rate Reduction


Reduced cart abandonment

What is included?

Answers and context administration

A combination of your answers can handle an entire conversation, matching what the customer says to the project’s best answer.


In order to handle the end user’s statement, it must be contextualised and aligned with the answers.


Analysis is performed of the responses given and any that the bot has not been able to answer. The bot can then be instructed which responses are correct so the best response to future queries can be optimised and provided using Artificial Intelligence.


Allows the chat’s appearance to be defined. Avatar, colour, name, etc.


A single bot and dialogue flow can be connected automatically with different channels from where it can communicate with the user (website, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc.). It is not necessary to configure different bots for different channels.

Users administration

Allows you to manage the users who can access the control panel and define the role they will perform.

Statistics and BI

The statistics provide you with a better knowledge of the users interacting with the chats (time of day, most frequently asked questions, channel, etc.)

Enjoy the new funtionalities

of Professional Plan


Through our knowledge we seek the best solution to optimize the customer experience.

Ticketing platforms

We look for the best options adapted to your business to optimize customer service experience and conversation processes, as well as their internal treatment through our own ticketing platform.


Contact platforms

Integrate instant messaging channels (WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram or Messenger) to your online customer service experience, improving user satisfaction and experience with your brand.


Zendesk Master Partner

Improve your customer service with the leading ticketing software in the market.




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