Centribal Desk

Desk is the module within the Centribal Platform where all queries derived by a chatbot to an agent are collected, regardless of the channel they come from: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram

This module allows you to combine an automated chatbot with a human agent and turn your chatbot into a hybrid.

Centribal Desk offers the best hybrid chatbot option for SMEs and companies that do not need advanced ticketing tools. ​

Connect your chatbot with your agents and get the full potential of your ATC team.

Benefits of hybrid chatbots

For regular queries, the traditional bot resolves 75% of the issues. ​

Being able to complement the remaining 25% by adding the human team thanks to the integration of the hybrid chatbot, allows more than 95% of the queries to be resolved in the first conversation, making the FCR (First Contact Resolution) improve exponentially.

Customers who implement hybrid chatbots perceive that they have significantly improved user satisfaction and have managed to avoid bottlenecks caused by unforeseen events.

Apply omnichannel in your company thanks to the incorporation of hybrid chatbots.


+ 95% of queries are resolved in the 1st conversation


Reduce up to 80% the number of queries


Nearly two-thirds will no longer wait more than 2 minutes for assistance


63% of customers would leave a company after a bad experience

Advantages of integrating a hybrid chatbot

  • Eliminate waiting
  • Immediate attention 24/7
  • Avoid user frustration
  • Automate recurring queries
  • Personalization is synonymous with conversion
  • Boost team productivity​

  • Follow the conversation started from any other channel
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Higher volume of responses in less time
  • Traceability of conversations and interactions
  • Add value to the human team

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ATC with a hybrid chatbot?

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Zendesk, the top CRM in the world

If your company manages a large volume of tickets on a daily basis, you may need a more complex ticketing tool. Luckily we are also a Zendesk Premier Partner, the world’s leading CRM.

With Zendesk you can optimize and manage all queries sent by a chatbot to an agent. You will be able to have all the conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram… in a single dashboard and a complete traceability of the client’s history.

zendesk asociado centribal

Want to learn more about integrating with Zendesk?

This integration allows you to combine your human agents with a chatbot and turn it into a hybrid. In addition, you can create custom fields in your tickets and automate your Customer Service to optimize your business processes.