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Many industries are currently benefiting from chatbots, and the healthcare sector is no exception. That is why a medical chatbot is becoming increasingly important to improve the quality of care and thus improve patient health.


From Centribal we offer you solutions completely adapted to what you may need in terms of a high quality chatbot. In this way, creating a health chatbot will be really simple, and thus provide better medical care to any type of patient.

What are the benefits of a medical chatbot? 

There are many benefits that medical chatbots can bring to patients, among which will be:

  1. Permanent attention

No matter the time of day, since patients will be able to have a medical chat available 24 hours a day. This is a great advantage, especially because in the health field, patients must be taken care of 24 hours a day to ensure good care. This way, you can get help from a doctor or even schedule appointments without any limitations.

  1. Gives confidence to the patient

With the evolution of chatbots in healthcare, they can increasingly provide better medical care and generate confidence in patients. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the chatbot will be able to analyse symptoms and ailments and thus refer patients to a human agent to schedule a virtual medical appointment. If necessary, a home medical appointment can also be scheduled, depending on each patient’s symptoms.

  1. Scheduling appointments virtually

Chatbots are increasingly integrated into digital channels, which is why scheduling appointments virtually is becoming easier and easier. These bots will allow you to select the time and the doctor who will see each patient.

In addition, they will offer reminders with the appointment and time, so that patients can be attentive, and thus get to the scheduled medical appointments.

  1. They provide support and advice on specialties and treatments

They are a great solution for people who are already undergoing medical treatment, especially because they allow monitoring of treatments. In this way, you can provide a completely personalised advice to patients without having to go to a face-to-face medical appointment.

In all cases, it is possible to provide completely personalised advice to all patients, and to continue with their treatments. This is of great use, especially when there is a health emergency such as the one caused by COVID-19, in which medical services were greatly affected and medical chatbots were a great solution.

  1. Enable detection of medical problems

Thanks to the fact that they are quite intuitive and are able to ask patients a series of questions, medical advice and care can be done in an easier and totally virtual way. In any case, this reduces the work of thousands of nurses and doctors, which means that health services can be decongested.

With the use of artificial intelligence, this make it possible to provide more effective and faster care to patients. This will help them resolve their ailments. For this reason, this type of medical chats are increasingly being used, in which a virtual assistant can solve many of the enquiries of a patient.

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The use of a hybrid chatbot in the healthcare field

For a medical chatbot to be highly effective, it is best that it does not only use artificial intelligence to solve common patient questions. It should also have the ability to refer the patient to a doctor or agent if needed for appointment booking or other cases.

Despite the great power that these robots have, and the fact that they are becoming increasingly popular, they are still limited in some respects. The medical field is a very delicate one, and the health of patients is something really important so it must be treated with the greatest possible care.

It is for this reason that, from Centribal, we recommend the use of a hybrid chatbot for medical care. This will allow you to reach a more effective diagnosis of all patients, thus ensuring that all pathologies can be treated in a much more effective way.

On the other hand, these also allow to provide an emotional care service, especially for patients with anxiety problems, depression and suicidal behaviours. This will ensure that cases can be treated in a much more effective way, and thus a greater well-being can be achieved for all patients, receiving timely medical attention.

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