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The joint mission of Visa and Centribal to help companies’ innovation and digitization has led to this partnership. Committed to empowering SMEs, Visa offers its Visa Business users a full year of IT Support and Digital Security free of charge.

Visa Business cardholders will enjoy a 12-month period with access to the services provided by Centribal’s Digital Support in order to support businesses.

This partnership has come about in Colombia and aims to expand its benefits into other regions. So, if you have are a Visa Business cardholder in Colombia, sign up now at and enjoy free IT Support and Digital Security for 12 months.


The Keys to this Partnership’s Success

  • Visa, a world leader in electronic payments  

As is well known, Visa is one of the world’s leading payment technology companies. Available in over 200 countries, its fast and secure service has made it a globally trusted brand. It handles more than 65,000 transactions per second, with special attention paid to fraud protection for consumers as well as secure payments for vendors.

  • Centribal, technical support for companies

Thanks to Centribal’s remote technical support, companies with Visa Business cards will benefit from the very best support for their business.

The pillars of our expert department stand on IT technical maintenance and specialized assistance for companies. We offer this through a 24/7 multichannel service with a guaranteed satisfaction rate of over 90%.


  • Centribal, digital security as the main objective

Business security is a must in today’s digital age. Thanks to our antivirus and computer protection services against malware and cyber-attacks, Centribal minimizes risks and digital threats faced by Visa Business cardholder companies.

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