Omni channel

Automate and optimize your customer management with CRM and Ticketing tools. Unify in a single dashboard all your customer service channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Chat, Telegram…) with full traceability. Make your agents more productive with artificial intelligence.

Omni channel

We connect companies with their customers through any channel

Do you want to increase the efficiency and profitability of your eCommerce?

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your technical support? Do you need to boost your customer experience? Omnichannel is the conversational tool that has the solution you need.


Te ayudamos en la estrategia de atención al usuario y soporte para mejorar la experiencia del cliente, llegando a incrementar en un 35% la eficiencia de tu soporte técnico. Trabajamos codo con codo para impulsar mejores relaciones entre tú y tus clientes a través de la integración de canales como chat, mail, redes sociales o mensajería instantánea. Además, desarrollamos aplicaciones a medida para tu CRM como Zendesk. 


Mejoramos procesos internos para aumentar la eficiencia de los agentes. Nuestra máxima es “trabajadores más productivos, clientes más satisfechos”. 

  • Create natural conversations with Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.
  • Your chatbots will help in a fluid way in the management of repeated queries, 24/7 and you will save operating costs.
  • The Centribal Platform offers integration with Zendesk Support using a hybrid human-machine model, moving the conversation to an agent and keeping it where it left off. In this way, your customer service support team will have all the information on your customers and the history of the conversations.

Which type of chatbot fits your business best? 


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Through our knowledge in customer experience we seek the best solution to optimize the customer experience.

Ticketing Platform

We look for the best options adapted to your business to optimize customer service experience and conversation processes, as well as their internal treatment through our own ticketing platform.




Conversacional Platform

Integrate instant messaging channels (WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram or Messenger) to your online customer service experience, improving user satisfaction and experience with your brand.




Centribal Platform

Increase conversion rates thanks to virtual assistants. We automate processes and qualitatively improve the customer experience with your brand.




Trends to improve communication with customers


Descúbrelas en la Atención al cliente de empresas como Atento y Zurich


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Who are our allies?

We are developers and many of our solutions are fully developed by us, but in the digital environment you have to co-create. Join forces to be better, more competitive and take advantage of both technical and knowledge synergies to provide the best answers to the real needs of the market

partner_zendesk centribal

Ticketing and process management tool.


Optimization and evaluation of support agents.

aircall asociado centribal

Cloud switchboard tool and video calls.