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What is Zendesk?


Zendesk is a dedicated customer service CRM that builds software to improve customer relationships.


It puts all interactions in one place, so you can deliver bespoke omnichannel support—whether via email, chat, phone, or self-service—so conversations are seamless, personal, and rewarding.

Why integrate Zendesk with Centribal Platform?


Zendesk Support serves as an additional service to the Centribal Platform to add agents to customer service efforts that chatbots do not automatically cover.


This support service is highly demanded by companies with a high volume of queries, helping agents to optimize their processes and improving the customer experience in the short, medium and long term.

Thanks to the integration of the Zendesk Support service, companies can:

  • Classify tickets according to the reason for the query
  • Add identification labels that offer more information in the management of agents from Zendesk
  • Create reports on the actions performed
  • Respond automatically through triggers, at any time of the day.
  • Seamlessly transfer conversations from chatbots to human agents when tasks are complex or sensitive.
  • Having a previous history of the conversation, in order to offer a natural fluidity • Among many other possibilities.

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At Centribal we are a Zendesk Premier Partner and we have the experience to integrate and develop digital tools adapted to your needs.

Types of integration with Zendesk

Zendesk Support

You will be able to transfer the chat-web or WhatsApp conversation to an agent, through the detection of intents in which you activate this option. It allows the agent to continue the conversation where the chat had left it and offer a personalized treatment. Tickets will be generated on the Zendesk platform.

Zendesk Chat

It allows the agent to continue the conversation where the chatbot had left off directly in the chat panel and in real time.

Sunshine Conversations

Create, manage and train chatbots and connect them with any instant messaging channel like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram in a single click.




All Zendesk Support plans are compatible with our Centribal plans, it just depends on your preferences, query volume and needs. If you are interested that your Agent can also intervene in the conversations of your Chatbot, we recommend our consultancy.


Keep in mind that the different plans that Zendesk Support has put a limit on the RMP (Request Per Minute or requests per minute). The Zendesk Essential Plan, for example, is capped at 10 RPM. This limit can affect the performance of your chatbot, thus limiting the interactions it can execute per minute. If your Chatbot needs to handle a high volume of interactions, we advise you to verify that your Zendesk Support subscription is prepared for this. You can see more information about Zendesk plans at this link: https://www.zendesk.es/support/compare/#compare