5 Tips para incorporar una plataforma de ticketing a tu ecommerce

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For e-commerce, working on customer experience is essential, and one of the best ways to do this is through ticketing platforms. This type of tool consists of incident management software whose objective is to locate and resolve them, especially those related to the customer service area, with a follow-up to improve satisfaction. For consumers, customer experience will become more important than price and product by 2020, according to Walker’s report.


Which aspects must be taken into account to implement a ticketing system?

Choosing and incorporating the ticketing system is fundamental to boost your business to a new level. It is very important to resolve incidents and improve the customer experience. There are multiple aspects of a ticketing system. However, we are going to present you  5 factors to take into account to incorporate a ticketing platform in e-commerce.


  • The number of users


As mentioned above, ticketing platforms are an incident management system related to customer service. Therefore, the number of users that can generate this type of incident must be taken into account. 78% of customers have given up on a transaction because of negative customer experience. The business will have to choose software adequate to their demands. This depends on the quantity and characteristics of the same.


  • Database


The ticketing software must be able to create an easily accessible database to detect information about common incidents. In addition, there are systems that offer the possibility for users to search for the information themselves with functionalities such as “frequently asked questions”. It is very interesting since it’s becoming more common for customers to appreciate having autonomy which helps to improve the experience. $1.6 trillion is lost by companies in the United States due to customers switching as a result of poor customer service.


  • Accessibility and security


It is important that the tool has good data protection and information treatment system, controlling accesses and guaranteeing confidentiality for both customers and the company. The accessibility is fundamental as customers like easy and understandable processes.70% of customers report that technology makes it simple to take their business to a competitor if need be.


  • Execution time


The execution time must be taken into account. A good ticket system should not generate any kind of delay or problem in the routine activity of the company, neither during its installation nor during its use.


  • Integration options


It is recommended to choose a system that allows working with all the tools and channels that the business uses, an omnichannel system.82% of customers have ceased business with a company because of poor customer experience according to studies made by Zendesk. The services offered by the ticketing platform must be adapted to the needs of the users to the way in which they need and wish to communicate with the company.

In general, there are many aspects to take into consideration when incorporating a ticketing system into e-commerce. The company should make research and implement the one who meets the objectives of the company and the characteristics of the clients. It’s important to understand that this system is to improve the customer experience as the main goal.

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