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Customer experience is one of the trends of the moment. With it, we try to take care of the user experience on our website, which will help to increase the chances to sell. Improving this aspect completely is one of the keys to success, but, how important is it?

What is the customer experience?

It’s a customer-centric practice where, as the name suggests, the user is placed at the center of every process. The objective is to design the website to facilitate the interaction of the client and try to meet the expectations that it may hold. Getting to know the possible users, will lead us to cement their trust, satisfaction, and loyalty in the brand. Therefore, we will increase sales and other high-interest benefits.

It’s about getting customers to become messengers of our company, which is powerful advertising that is difficult to get otherwise. Now that we know what this technique is all about, what reasons lead us to want to invest time and effort in it?

What reasons justify the importance of the customer experience?

There are several reasons to choose this customer-centric practice in digital marketing. We can use it to expand our business and consolidate the personal brand we are building. In the end, what it is about is establishing a close relationship with potential customers and ensuring their loyalty. Here are the main reasons:

Increase profits: The goal of companies is to make a profit, so using customer experience software will help us to achieve this. We aim to ensure customer satisfaction from the moment they enter the page until they make the purchase. If the experience is pleasant, we increase the odds of getting a conversion. For example, it is estimated that there is a 14% higher chance of achieving this goal.

– Image enhancement: If we show a friendly and attractive look on the website, the user experience will be positive. We will have to polish the site itself to meet the expectations. Also offering a service or product to match them is essential. There is no use in a polished page, which guarantees smooth navigation if, in the end, it takes almost a month to ship the requested product

– Cutback investment in marketing: This practice achieves the creation of prescribers, who are nothing more than clients who would like to talk about our brand to their acquaintances. It’s the classic marketing tool called “word of mouth”. Once it’s triggered, we won’t have to invest as much in other persuasion techniques.

– Fewer claims: If we take care of the customer experience to the fullest, their satisfaction will be guaranteed and there will be fewer claims. These occur when an incident or nonconformance arises during or after the purchase. By having polish the usability aspect of the page, the customer will not find any obstacles to performing their actions and this will help to reduce complaints.

Moreover, we will be able to extend the so-called customer lifecycle. This is to expand customer trust in the company and the expense they place in it. According to some studies, it is possible to achieve a 30% improvement, especially if we opt for an omnichannel strategy.

To conclude, betting on a good customer experience directly affects the sales we get and the satisfaction of the customer experience. In addition, we activate word of mouth, which will allow us to expand the customer base passively and with a high conversion rate. Also, it will allow our company to solidify the customer-centric culture.

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