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Digital transformation and improving customer experience are key to deliver the best service to customers. Technological advances have led to numerous changes in our daily lives. 

However, technical issues can occur when we leave our sales platform unattended. To mitigate its effects, remote support is the ideal solution. It’s a way to diagnose the seriousness of the problem and correct it as soon as possible. In this article, we explain a number of advantages that companies with computer maintenance and remote support programs have. 

What is Remote Computing Support?

We can define the IT support area as a computer maintenance solution where a specialized person takes control of the IT infrastructure to solve a number of problems remotely. In this way, the physical displacement of the technician is avoided, saving time and money.

To make use of the remote informatics support it is necessary to have an Internet connection and an application that allows the connection to be made. They’re fairly simple requirements for any company to meet in the process of digital transformation. Here are five advantages of remote computer assistance:

1. Time reduction

Conventional technical support services usually consist of transporting computer equipment to a workshop, in which the appliance is thoroughly repaired. Finally, it is returned to the office. This type of technical support involves a great delay and an unnecessary expense of time and money. Remote IT support can perform simple repairs and diagnose problems of a more serious nature, this way you can solve the problem earlier, reducing the impact on the company.

2. Cost reduction

As the displacement of a technician is not required, the travel costs are eliminated. Also, carrying out computer maintenance remotely reduces the time of technical intervention.

3. Environmental benefits

By not having the technician’s displaced, you reduce polluting gases that are released into the atmosphere, mitigating the effects on the ozone layer and global warming.

4. Less invasive support

Small businesses’ activity takes place in small spaces. If remote computer assistance is used, a technician will not be taking up space of the facilities. Larger companies, have the advantage that the technician doesn’t have to access sensitive areas of the office where personas information is stored. If technicians provide technical support from their own premises, they don’t take up space. 

5. Flexible schedules

More flexible schedules allow maintenance at hours that don’t harm customers and workers business hours, like early morning support. The best time can, therefore, be arranged for both parties.

In conclusion, remote IT support has been already implemented in many companies with very good results. Remote support and IT maintenance enterprises have demonstrated to improve the quality of a company’s services and saving them time and costs, especially if the company is in the process of digitalization.

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