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A ticketing system offers an excellent user experience. Dealing with the client is an area that must be addressed with special care. From there is born the need for an instrument with the ability to manage problems or incidents.

What is a ticketing tool?

In an era in which the customer experience is so relevant, ticket management software is becoming prominent.

Previously, they were reserved for back-office departments. Now they are installed in customer service to resolve incidents and retain customers.

In this way, the customer service ticket system provides a solution whose foundation lies in accompanying and strengthening the customer’s journey throughout the purchase process.

Therefore, this instrument helps us to solve problems, resolve doubts, and carry out an examination of the quality of our products and services.

What advantages does it provide for customer services?

How do we manage the client’s need to contact us? By using computer incident software. An essential tool if we want to provide a personalized omnichannel experience. This offers a more positive customer experience.

How can customer treatment be optimized in order that we accompany and retain them?

Speeding up the incident resolution process: Ticketing management system offers the advantage of automatically processing customer incidents. We do not waste time in assigning incidents to a worker manually, as the process is automated. This results in a more careful and faster customer service.

Prioritize omnichannel: Since customers have various ways of contacting our company, it becomes essential that we develop different channels so that consumers can contact us using the route they prefer.

Classified levels of urgency for better service: These instruments are designed to determine the speed in which we have to resolve a ticket. In this way, customer service benefits by giving the opportunity to prioritize those cases in which the time factor is decisive.

– Select the most suitable worker: When an incident is generated to resolve, the incident management system through the ticketing system is capable of generating the necessary information for each case. Additionally, these data are assigned to the corresponding department and the most appropriate worker based on the ticket created.

– Increase resolved tickets: Following the previous section, we were able to streamline the entire process and resolve any incident that arises in the shortest possible time. What does this fact imply? The life expectancy of the ticket is shorter, with which we can increase productivity.

Identify the most frequent customer incidents: All software incidents go through the tool, so we can detect which are the most common problems a customer runs into. Something that allows us to create an action plan to reduce the areas of conflict.

Increase customer loyalty: We control and further personalize the approach when solving incidents. Thus, we will have more satisfied and loyal customers.


Improving customer experience is decisive to stand out from the competition. To achieve this, having a software dedicated to the customer experience is an essential investment as it increases the internal efficiency of our company.

Therefore, these systems, in addition to solving incidents that arise by customers, are an excellent way to build customer loyalty. It makes you feel like a member of a community, increasing satisfaction with our business.

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