¿Cómo implementar una estrategia omnicanal adecuada?

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Omnichannel is a term that is using our digitalization society. It’s emerging as the main new strategy of communication between customers and companies. Google research shows that 98% of Americans switch between devices on the same day. The strategy is based on extending the communication channels to boost customer experience. The purchase rate of campaigns using three or more channel is 287% than single-channel campaigns.

But the omnichannel strategy is not only about having a large number of communication channels in a company, but it is also focused on improving the customer experience and achieving their business objectives and increasing their satisfaction.

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Consumers want a simple and effortless experience on their part, with no differences between different digital and physical channels; according to Zendesk,  87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience.

To meet these expectations, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects:


Technology and innovation in processes and services are the base of a good omnichannel strategy. Before implementing this type of strategy, it is recommended to have a flexible structure in the company culture that allows the business to make quick modifications and implement new processes when are required. Companies must be proactive and keep up with new technologies applicable to their sector, such as machine learning or augmented reality.


The integration of all points of contact with the company becomes crucial. Over 35% of customers expect to be able to contact the same customer service representative on any channel (Zendesk). In order to provide the best to your customer, all channels must transmit the same message and communicate information under the same guidelines and values. In addition, in order to create a quality customer experience, you must take into account its characteristics and needs. The information can be obtained from the company’s own databases or by carrying out audits, and it is recommended that it is always kept up-to-date.


When implementing an omnichannel strategy, organization is essential, since an error in the process would be a high cost for the company as well as a loss of credibility that could affect its future opportunities. Remember the customer is providing their data to you, planning how to use it properly is fundamental. Abuse of customer data could cause 80% of consumers to abandon your brand.

The base of a good implementation of the strategy lies in the planning, which must take into account all the factors that affect it from the beginning of the approach to its implementation, development, and analysis of the results obtained. First studying each of the criteria on which you want to work and analyzing its possible impact on the company, then choose the platforms that best adapt and monitor the activity.

There are many factors to consider with an omnichannel strategy in a business, but the most important is not to lose sight of the fact that it is an action carried out to improve the customer experience and the reputation of the company. Therefore, it must be studied in-depth and detail, if necessary, with the help of specialists, each step before its start-up.

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