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The use of conversational platforms, such as robots to assist the customers, is increasing. In fact, the most technological and innovative companies already use these chatbots. Do you know what they are and their usage?

What is a chatbot?

The word chatbot is created from chat (talk or converse) and bot, which is a reduction of the word robot. From here, it can be deduced that chatbots are precisely conversational robots, which have been created by artificial intelligence and intend to solve different tasks independently. 

Generally, their basic function for which they have been programmed is to understand questions and respond with useful answers to the customer. In this way, they could also be defined as robots that serve the user and improve the customer service experience.

What are the utilities of chatbots for companies?

First, the tasks that these type of robots can carry out are numerous. In companies, chatbot are implemented for different purposes, such as:

– Assess the customer’s satisfaction level. 

Solving doubts about the company’s services.

Technical support to perform tasks related to technologies or the Internet.

These would be generic purposes, but there are more specific ones such as the execution of an online payment, where incident management software will help in case of doubts. In addition, it could also be used to make reservations in restaurant or even flights.

This is the main advantage that chatbots have: free the worker from monotonous and repetitive tasks. It doesn’t mean that staff can be dispensed, instead they can be relocated to other sections, to seek improvements and make the company grow.

On the other hand, there is also the advantage that customers can be more satisfied. With customer experience management robots there’s no have waiting time, and in a world as fast as today’s, this is a very positive point that customers will value. 

Normally, these robots will be able to handle customer problems quickly. If the bot can not solve it, the client would be referred to a worker who is released from work and who can take perfect care of him. Therefore, another strength is immediacy

Also related to customer experience, it should be noted that the ticket management software is very specific and clear in preparing responses. This assumes that there will be no ambiguity or subjectivity depending on the agent or employee serving each person. In this way, it is possible to unify the handling of a company and the implementation of solutions, something that will help preserve its values. 

In conclusion, chatbot conversational agents and dialogue systems are very useful to provide the best customer service experience if you want to achieve customer service automation and conversational marketing.


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