Personaliza tu helpdesk y mejora el proceso interno de tu empresa

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Technology has become fundamental for companies. All the operations are handled with technology. To give an example, 52% of brands report that technology helps them deliver better customer support operations. Therefore, having a computer support system and/or HelpDesk is essential for optimizing your company.

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What is a HelpDesk?

These are assistance and technical support services, which a company can develop within its company or outsource the service to specialized companies. The HelpDesk unites technological and human factors with the aim of carrying out computer maintenance on incidents that may arise in a company as a whole, at any time, from any place and at any time of the day.

It is a service carried out by IT professionals that tends to be carried out externally to the company and its activity, making it a more profitable option than if it were integrated within it. Basically, this tool is responsible for providing technical solutions, help, technical support, and answers to end-users.

Features of a custom HelpDesk

This type of remote support is customizable depending on the needs of the company in question. We will know that a Helpdesk is adequate when it implements and develops a service according to the expectations and requirements of the business.

Its main capabilities include:

-Detection, diagnosis of incidents, and software to provide remote support.     Treatment of problems remotely through any channel.

-Incident monitoring for early detection. This will allow us to detect patterns and anticipate some possible incidents.

-In the scenario that remote assistance cannot be performed, the possibility of mobility to perform in-person support. By improving the customer support experience, a company with $1 billion in yearly revenues can increase their yield by up to $823 million in three years

-Carry out the necessary corrections to provide the company with constant computer assistance to its resources, safely and quickly.

How can remote IT support benefit my business?

There are several benefits that this type of remote technical support software can bring to the internal processes of a company. Some of the most notable are:

Improvement efficiency. Using an omnichannel system allows the company to provide a single point of entry for activity, streamlining, and streamlining workflow. 45% of shoppers say that being able to interact on their preferred channel is an important aspect of the personalized help desk experience.

Boost productivity. If workers are able to do their jobs without hassles or problems of any kind, productivity increases.

Problem resolution. Problems are inevitable, but if they are quickly detected and resolved, their impact will be less. This tool provides a system for tracking incidents so that if several similar ones occur, correlations can be detected to solve future bigger problems.

Databases. The information generated during the analysis and detection of problems is stored and can be used at another time, which represents the opportunity to have access to a constantly updated source of knowledge. 38% of customers say they feel more valued if customer support agents are aware of their previous interactions.

To finish, it should be noted that beyond all the aforementioned, the implementation of a Helpdesk also helps companies to improve their relationship with customers, the user experience, and therefore their satisfaction, which is a fundamental factor for any organization to achieve its goals.

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