Integrations for Centribal Platform

Zendesk Support integracion landing
Zendesk Support integracion landing
Zendesk sunshine integracion landing
salesforce integracion landing
hubspot integracion landing
zoho integracion landing
centribal desk integracion landing
whatsapp integracion landing
telegram integracion landing
facebook integracion landing
instagram integracion landing
sms integracion landing
wordpress integracion landing
playvox integracion landing
livechat integracion landing
ivrpowers integracion landing

Customer channels


Integration of the instant messaging application most demanded by users, to incorporate your conversations into a booming channel.

Facebook Messenger

Reach your customers through the social network with the most active users in the world and connect with your users wherever they are.


It incorporates one of the most used instant messaging applications and adds new channels of contact with your customers.


Integrate the WordPress plugin with Centribal Platform in a very easy way.


Expand your communication possibilities with your customers and give your software the ability to send and receive SMS.

Instagram direct centribalInstagram Direct

Reach your customers through one of the most widely used social networks in the world today and connect with your users wherever they are.

Integration with business platforms

User support service that collects the history of the conversation in the Zendesk API, and allows the agent to follow the conversation through the same input route, with a follow-up of it.

User support service that collects the history of the conversation in an agile way integrated directly into Centribot. It allows to follow the conversation of an agent with the user through the main channel.

Live chat software and messaging for businesses that connects with customers who need immediate support.


It is a software that offers the appropriate tools for a correct management of the Database, allowing companies to obtain the best performance from the commercial and sales team.

Hubspot CRM

It is a customer management solution that is intuitive and easy to use. With this software, the management of sales and relationships of a company with its clients or prospects is optimized from the same channel. In addition, it is used to implement Inbound marketing strategies.


It is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which provides all departments of your organization, including marketing, sales, customer service and e-commerce, a unified view of your customers in an integrated platform.


It adds the possibility of incorporating a communications gateway (PSTN) to create services with voice calls, video calls, chat, file sharing, etc.

Live Chat

Add to your project the possibility of incorporating online customer service, with live support, help center and analysis capacity.


Add to your plan a set of solutions to optimize and improve the quality of your agents, evaluating the performance of your ATC team.

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