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Digital transformation has become a great challenge for companies, assuming the reconstruction of business dynamics in order to adapt them to new market demands. In 2019, 40% of technology spending went towards digital transformation.

The traceability and application of technology in the processes of small and medium-sized companies, manages not only to gain in efficiency, but also: to add value to customers, reduce risks and even find new opportunities to earn income. Besides, studies showed that SME’s turned to digitalization tend to perceive an average revenue gains of  26% .


What are the advantages of digitizing processes?


  1. Improved operational efficiency: the market does not stop changing and customers need a quick response, so efficiency in our responsiveness is a basic need to win customers and above all to keep them. Approximately 58% of customer inquiries are made in the web page, by email or contact form. Digitization allows you to respond quickly and increase the chance of conversion. 
  2. Boost user experience: Improving user experience means long-term customer retention. Digital transformation and professional IT support not only opens up new avenues of communication, but it also provides faster responses and virtually instantaneous feedback.
  3. Cost reduction and quality improvement:Digitized businesses ensure that their fixed costs have decreased on average by 27%. On the other hand, the quality has increased by around 29%.
  4. Expanding our audience:Digitization makes your digital reach go much further, impacting a much larger volume of users. 3.8 billion people are using digital platforms on different social media. This increases the possibilities of increasing your reach and consequently, it brings with it an increase in sales and offers numerous benefits.
  5. Differentiation: There are numerous SMEs and freelancers who continue without digitizing their companies and without having a computer technical support plan. Taking the digitalization journey brings with it an absolute differentiation compared to other companies, and not only that, but also provides added value to your customers when other businesses cannot offer it.
  6. Agilest processes: Greater agility thanks to the integration in a single platform of all the data, calendar, files, business processes, purchases, payments, financial management, marketing, etc.
  7. Culture of innovation: digitization stimulates innovation. SMEs that go digital not only enhance their entrepreneurial brand by attracting talent, but can also bring more innovative ideas that drive growth.
  8. Perspective of our business: the technological solutions that exist provide us with a much more complete perspective of the business. It allows us to know, at all times, the status and behavior of all areas of our company.


These are some of the many benefits of effective digitization within a company. Before carrying it out, it is very important to know the real needs of our business and implement the changes in a manner consistent with our priorities, objectives, and investment capacities. It is very important to have a quality remote computer support, as well as a computer maintenance company that facilitates the task and gives us confidence.

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