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Do you know all the advantages of outsourcing your company’s technical support? We are convinced that, if you knew them, you would not hesitate to hire it for your business.


Centribal is not only the external support of large companies, but its entire team manages to obtain incident resolution ratios of over 85%.

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The key to our success is none other than the work of our expert technicians, who will give you computer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Therefore, we can guarantee that both your devices and your tools will be in a more than satisfactory state, acting in the event of incidents and queries from different users.


Our Technical Support Center is the place where it all begins. From there we support users, through chat, remote assistance, telephone, email, web forms or any means, always under a minimum: adapt to your schedules and your client’s preferred channel.


What if we can’t solve the problem? If that happens and your queries or incidents cannot be resolved with remote support, you could request qualified technician go to your home or office and optimize your devices; We will provide you with “on-site” assistance to always guarantee your maximum comfort.

Who is it for?


  • To companies that want to outsource their IT assistance services
  • To companies that want to offer added value to their customers by offering this service as a complementary service to the services they have.


  • Marketing / CMO Directors
  • Director of Innovation and digital transformation
  • CTO
  • Director of Customer Service

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Join efforts, reduce costs, digitalize documents, improve sales and follow-up processes while keeping your customers captive. Connect your processes and innovate in your business model!