Platform for insurance sales

Centribal has a technological solution that works as a Marketplace, showing a wide range of products or services from different suppliers for instant quotation, contracting or purchase. Bring together in a single online platform all the processes and management of your business.


With our Telemarketing software you can track the activities of your clients within the portal.

Product benefits



We improve your digital processes, we increase efficiency by 30%

Connect process

Do you want to digitize your processes and make them more agile for your clients?


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Combine it with:

  • Telemarketing software you can track the activities of your customers within the portal.

  • KPI’S Centralizer you can appropriately configure the monitoring indicators to analyze sales and other activities carried out within the platform.

Directed to


  • Banking
  • Insurance


  • Marketing Directors
  • Sales managers
  • Technology Directors
  • Director of innovation and digital transformation

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