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How does it work?

Automate any conversation

Connect your chatbot to WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, etc.

Automate any conversation

Great features

Extensions, webhook, satisfaction surveys, order tracking, etc.

Great chatbot features

Train your chatbot

Analyze the answers given by the chatbot and improve them at any time.

Entrena tu chatbot

Hybrid option with agents

Hand over the conversation to a human agent when necessary.

Hybrid Chatbot

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Automization channels Centribal

Automate any support channel in one click

Create, manage and train AI chatbots and connect them to any instant messaging channel such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Instagram in a single click from Centribal Platform. It’s as easy as that.


In addition, use the full potential of your chatbot by connecting it with external platforms through extensions and webhooks and functionalities such as satisfaction surveys, lead generation, appointment scheduling, order tracking, etc.

The best customer service with a hybrid chatbot

With Centribal and Zendesk your agents will be able to seamlessly follow your chatbots’ conversations when needed. The best possible customer service with agents who will dedicate their time to the most important requests or incidents. 100% traceability across all channels from the same dashboard.

Almudena Cano

“We chose Zendesk mainly because of its flexibility, customization and 360 visualization, which is where we wanted to go. And of course, by the Centribal implementation team. It was very important for us that they not only helped us to implement it, but also to give us guidance and advice.”

Almudena Cano

Customer Care Manager en Zambon

Who is this for

Centribal Platform works for lots of use cases: e-commerce, retailer, assurance, airlines, etc.

You will be able to create chatbots and then connect them to the instant messaging channel that you need. You will be autonomous to modify it as you need to adapt it to the needs of your clients.