Ticketing platform

Looking for an extense ticket software? Do you want your team to have the best helpdesk ticketing system platform? You need Centribal.


We are the second largest European partner for the implementation and configuration of Zendesk tools. A fully customizable platform so that your team can have the best ticketing platform and add complementary applications from the marketplace or even developed in-house.

Omni channel

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Do you urgently need to improve your customer service processes?
urgentemente tus procesos de atención al cliente?


Request a demo and our consultants will help you take the steps towards a real digital transformation.


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We manage the sale of licenses and carry out consulting so that you can optimize all internal workflows. We help you make the most of the tool, optimizing performance and helping you improve communication flows, as well as internal procedures with your clients.


But this is not all. We configure communication channels such as email, forms, telephone, chat, Facebook and Twitter so that your business starts with an omnichannel and manages to improve the customer experience.


We guarantee 100% traceability, and we increase the efficiency of your services by 30%. We manage all incidents of your company and your clients on a single platform. That will help you coordinate the processes that depend on more than one area and have more effective agents for support and customer service experience.


Do you want to implement a ticketing platform in your company? Do you urgently need to improve your customer service processes? Internal incident management? Request a demo without obligation through our form! Our consultants will help you the steps towards a real digital transformation.

Directed to


  • Companies that would like to improve communication workflows with their customers and carry out omnichannel customer service.


  • Marketing / CMO Directors
  • Director of Innovation and digital transformation
  • CTO
  • Director of Customer Servicede Atención al cliente

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