Instant messaging and RRSS

Do you want to implement instant messaging channels in your customer service experience strategy? Don’t you know how to improve your conversational marketing? Along with Centribal, become the support service your customers want.


We achieve full traceability of communications and improve the user experience by being able to use any channel to communicate with the company. We integrate to your strategy those channels where your clients are, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram or Messenger.

Omni channel

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Do you need to improve implementing instant messaging channels?


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In addition, we integrate into a single ticketing platform other internal applications that are already implemented in your company, such as: sales crm, deliveries or invoicing with the sole objective of streamlining the management of communications with your customers.


It carries out omnichannel customer service experience by unifying all communications on a single platform. In this way we improve the user experience and optimize operating costs. You will attend to a greater number of incidents with fewer agents, and they will be able to dedicate their time to value-added activities. + 90% NPS.


Practical, right? Fill in the form, our consultants will help you discover which channels are the best to integrate your company’s care and support strategy. We will make a demo in which you can check from the beginning the most efficient solutions for your company. Innovation is sometimes in the simplest things.

Directed to


  • Companies that want to achieve complete traceability of their communications and improve the user experience, using multiple channels to communicate with their clients.


  • Marketing / CMO Directors
  • Director of Innovation and digital transformation
  • CTO
  • Director of Customer Service

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Ticketing platform

We look for the best options adapted to your business to optimize customer service experience and conversation processes, as well as their internal treatment.



Increase conversion rates thanks to virtual assistants. We automate processes and qualitatively improve the customer experience with your brand.