Whatsap en plataforma centribal

WhatsApp + Centribal

Connect your virtual assistant with the favorite channel of 85% of your clients.

Better ticketing = Better Results

Why integrate WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is positioned as a fundamental channel when it comes to offering support and solutions for users that have an interest in our products, or have shown an interest in our services.


The integration (on the same platform) of the channels used by your client, is the basis to achieving a good user experience and improving your services, as well as capitalizing on the opportunities and improvements of your brand image.

s y mejorar la imagen de tu marca.

What makes integration of WhatsApp with Centribot special?


The integration of WhatsApp on the Centribot platform offers the advantage of increasing contact channels with the user, and as a consequence, getting possible future clients, or communicating with your current clients.

As well as integration of the chatbot with your website, the possibility of increasing the WhatsApp channel provides numerous benefits, both internally and externally in relation to brand image.

  • Possibility of including automated responses, thanks to the option of including pre-qualification Workflow.
  • Optimization and Automation of customer care processes for the user.
  • Improving communication between subscribers, as well as response times.
  • Improving communication and real time” management of agents and other stakeholders within the organization.
  • Creation of a BI solution to identify indicators (KPIs), which will allow the extraction of important information in order to decide upon improvements.
  • Close collaboration with the client to improve their customer care platform and internal processes with Centribal’s support.

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Competitive advantage of WhatsApp


Increases your income, reducing friction points. Either to find out about opening times or availability of your products, customers use this instant messaging service at each stage of the buying process.

Benefits of Centribot

Customer Retention

You will be able to create new VIP channels for your premium customers, creating new customer retention opportunities. In addition, when you have a customer network through this channel, you will be able to use mass push notifications to contact them regarding personalized promotions or news.


You will be able to automate your responses, to ensure an optimum FCR as well as reducing waiting times. This will allow you, for example, to ensure your customers’ first contact is satisfactory, as well as other functions, such as creating personalized out of office messages to send when closed.


WhatsApp will allow you to use single telephone number for all your agents, distributing the incoming chat flow in accordance with your requirements. Thanks to Centribot, your agents will have access to the complete chat history of the customer at all times.

Are you still using WhatsApp?

More than 25 million people in Spain already use WhatsApp every day.