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• Chatbot web
• Access to guides and templates
• 1 Administrator user
• Limited conversations
• Academy – Videotutorials
• Basic online support
• Limited Onboarding

Custom Plan

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• Unlimited web chatbots
• Customizable
• Guides and templates
• Administrator, trainer & editor
• Language selection
• Bot training
• Unlimited conversations
• Order tracking
• Online appointments
• Integration with CRM
• WhatsApp, Facebook & Telegram
• Videocalls
• Academy – Video tutorials
• Online support and onboarding
• Tailored development

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Plan Free

Custom Plan


Chatbot web



Telegram integracion
Facebook Messenger


Zendesk Chat
Zendesk Chat

Chatbots management

Administrator users

Trainer users

Editor users

Multi domain Chatbot


Chatbot customization

General Statistics

Business Inteligence

Multiple answers

Text training


Chatbot templates

Advanced utilities

Transfer to agent

Order tracking

Book appointment


Tailored integrations

Zendesk integration and other CRM



Online support


To the prices you have to add the applicable taxes in each country.

If you do not have Zendesk please click and contact us.

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Are there other services that can be bought beyond those shown in the marketing plans?

Yes, you can request the addition of tasks, projects and activities that are beyond the scope of the services included in the standard contract, and which are related to or affect the services, equipment or infrastructure related to them. These services are treated as additional services and are quoted for and agreed in writing. These plans include a consultation plan where an expert consultant will analyse the client’s needs and agree an ad hoc proposal.  

Do I have to train the Chatbot myself?

Our chatbot creation, training and management software allows you to train your bots with the help of step-by-step guides and our Academy. Alternatively, you can request the Botmaster service, where an expert will configure your Chatbots in line with your requirements to ensure maximum performance. 

What is a Botmaster?

Botmaster is a technical expert who will help you  configure and train your Chatbot in order to ensure maximum performance and help you achieve your objectives. 

I have reached the limits of my plan, what should I do?

You need to request a plan expansion. You can request to move to a higher plan on the Centribal Platform.  

What languages is it available in?

The platform is currently available in Spanish and English but chat responses can be made in any language you want. 

Which plan is best suited to my Zendesk Support subscription?

All Zendesk Support plans are compatible with our plans in Centribal, it will only depend on your preferences, volume of inquiries and needs. If you are also interested in having your Agent intervene in your Chatbot conversations, we recommend our Plan L.

Is my Zendesk Support subscription limited at Centribot?

Keep in mind that the different plans that Zendesk Support has put a limit on the RMP (Request Per Minute or requests per minute). The Zendesk Essential Plan, for example, has a 10 RPM limit. This limit can affect the performance of your chatbot, thus limiting the interactions it can execute per minute. If your Chatbot needs to manage a large volume of interactions, we advise you to verify that your Zendesk Support subscription is ready for it. You can see more information about Zendesk plans at this link: https://www.zendesk.es/support/compare/#compare

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