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We are living in a digital era, the connection between users and companies is fundamental, and “fast response” has taken a significant role in areas such as the resolution of customer needs. CRM software is becoming essential in every company and, according to Nuclear Research, 65% of companies how are using CRM with mobile connection, as Whataspp business or chatbots, are achieving their sales quota.

Following that example, is where we find the importance of connecting marketing and CRM tools, as chatbots or WhatsApp Business app,  which are very useful to facilitate interaction between brands and clients.

 Both tools offer a service pursuing similar features. We’ll discuss how it works and how they can help a business. These tools are very useful to businesses as a base to improve customer experience and maintain a good level of client loyalty. According to a study elaborated by American Express, 90% of Americans use customer service as a fundamental aspect to decide to do business or not with a company.

What are these tools?

These types of tools offer companies a low-cost communication management services with their customers.

Its operation is similar to a messaging system, allowing us to organize, automate, and respond quickly to the communications of our users and even generate automatic responses to frequent queries.

Chatbots, for example, are incident management software that incorporates artificial intelligence systems. Providing them with our customers’ databases, allows them to know tastes and preferences to adjust our service to their needs. They are a kind os software that does not take up any space since you don’t need to download or update it constantly. On the other side, Whatsapp Business needs to be download and it is free of charge in any app store.

Customer experience management

Using these tools helps communication with customers around the world, allowing companies to connect with them in a safe, simple, and reliable way. In addition, they allow improving the customer experience and attention by offering a fast service of incident resolution, purchases, online payments, information shipments, queries, between other benefits. Basically, they simplify any communicative activity between the user and the company.

All these contribute to communicative interactions with companies that are made through the use of statistics, process automation, artificial intelligence for chatbots and programming.

As for the choice of tools, so far chatbots are the option that big companies and corporations choose, approx 1.4 billion people are using them. While the profile of companies that opt for the app launched by WhatsApp is the small or medium magnitude, according to  TechCrunch approx 3 million businesses use it. In any case, both facilitate direct and instant communication between company and customer, becoming a service that will help us to place our business to a higher level.

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