Slide Externaliza la asistencia informática de tu empresa. Soporte técnico remoto, atención multicanal, mantenimiento y asistencia informática especializada para empresas.
Digital support

Omni channel

We connect companies with their customers by any channel

Slide Omni channel

Omni channel

We connect companies with their customers by any channel

Slide Omni channel

Do you want to increase the efficiency and profitability of your technical support?

Do you need to improve your customer experience?

We help you with your customer service strategy and support to improve customer experience.

Check the following list to learn how we can help you and tell us if it is what you need.


  • We can increase by 35% the efficiency of your technical support with our technologies.
  • We are consultants. We work side by side with your company to promote better relationships with your customers.
  • We can integrate your communications channels such as chat, mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, social networks, or instant messaging.
  • We develop tailored apps for your CRM.
  • We connect your platform with virtual agents
  • We improve internal processes to increase the agent’s efficiency.
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Through our knowledge in customer experience we seek the best solution to optimize the customer experience.

Ticketing Platform

We look for the best options adapted to your business to optimize customer service experience and conversation processes, as well as their internal treatment through our own ticketing platform.


Contact platform

Integrate instant messaging channels (WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram or Messenger) to your online customer service experience, improving user satisfaction and experience with your brand.



Increase conversion rates thanks to virtual assistants. We automate processes and qualitatively improve the customer experience with your brand.