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IT Recommendations to protect your company

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In our time, cybersecurity crimes in the company are the order of the day. The University of Maryland published research showing that every 39 seconds there is a cyberattack, affecting one of every three Americans every year. Your responsibility as a natural person and company is not only to recover when this happens but to anticipate that they do not happen. It is practically impossible to have impenetrable computer security, so prevention is the best help and depends solely and exclusively on you as a company.


A cybercrime, in general, is a criminal act that originates on the internet, through electronic devices. The devices most prone to this type of crime are computers and mobile phones. What do they want to achieve? Those who carry out these types of cybersecurity threats are known as “hackers” and pursue the theft of information, whether corporate or business, to achieve other fraudulent, economic or social acts.


How can you prevent a cyberattack?


Hackers do not always have to look for a specific type of information, but they take advantage of all kinds of opportunities and gaps to ask in exchange for a financial rescue from your company. Therefore, it does not matter if your company is known or not, you have the same probability that it will happen to you.


Fortunately, there are a number of actions you can take to decrease the odds of your business experiencing a cybersecurity threat.


Backup: Only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected, on is important to always have all our information on several devices so that, in the event that a cyberattack occurs in your company, the loss of information produces the least possible damage. Therefore, you can continue to carry out your activity as normally as possible.


Regular updates: we must pay special attention to the updates of our browser. Sometimes the systems have failures that can be exploited by computer criminals. Usually, there are updates that fix these bugs and act as “security patches”, which will help prevent new viruses from appearing.


Authentication modes: the use of multiple authentication factors is highly recommended. These types of factors are summarized in things that we know, in such a way that they can verify our identity.


Always stay alert: A cyberattack can happen anywhere and any time, so it is highly recommended to always be aware of anything that may happen and, above all, not to miss any procedure. It is fundamental to quickly detect this type of computer attack and, above all, to be able to remedy them as soon as possible.


Install antivirus: Antiviruses are fundamental tools in our computer, as a prevention of cyber-attacks since they provide real-time protection against any possible threat.


Get informed and educate your employees: None of this works if your employees are not alert to the risks posed by a cyberattack. 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. Talking regularly with them and informing them of the possible consequences can become the best prevention.


These are some recommended actions that as a company you can follow to protect the computer security of your business, although, as indicated in previous lines, there is never absolute cybersecurity. Something you should know is that there are cybersecurity risk analysis companies that protect your business or minimize the damage that a cyberattack can cause, with absolute attention 24 hours a day, which becomes the best protection action.

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