How to protect your business from cybercrime?

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Forensic computer security has become one of the most demanded disciplines by companies. It is mainly based on the detailed analysis of all the processes that are carried out when a computer crime is committed. However, several alternatives can help us protect our company and implement cybersecurity policies.

Common categories of cybersecurity threats: 

Among the most repeated cybercrimes, we can find the following:

  • Installing a Trojan that seems harmless but ends up having access to all the information of clients.
  • The entrance through a crack on the security system.
  • The time bomb. It is a delayed effect program that impacts the access to the information we need for the daily management of our business.  
  • The buffer and stack overflow. A massive attack makes our server crash because of the many requests it receives. Criminals take advantage of this situation to access the system.
  • Malware in general. Virus and worms do their harmful work slowly. When we become aware of his presence, the damage is already done.
  • Rejection of services. The company’s website is blocked as well as the ability to serve clients.


Recommendations to avoid endangering company’s cybersecurity

Using the following tips will help us to avoid the cyber threats explained above:

Change the passwords regularly 

One of the most effective tricks is using punctuation marks. They slow down bots’ ability to threaten the system passwords’ security. 

Use a quality antivirus

We recommend purchasing one that can be updated and customized. We have to look for original computer security software exclusively (Hacked ones are full of viruses) and it’s important to check their reliability periodically.

Using a firewall to protect every internet connection

Operating systems provide it, you only need to choose the most appropriate options and, of course, activate it on all computers.

Use external hard drives

It is recommended to schedule a daily backup and store it. In case we suffer an attack, it will be easier for us to format the infected computers and use the data stored on these disks.

Pay more attention to mobile devices

Using wireless connections to send important data or documents is an open door to cyberattacks. We must avoid carrying out this activity in public places (restaurants, hotels and similar), as these networks are the most attacked by criminals. 

Drafting a specific cybersecurity plan in the company

Although the above measures are very effective, we cannot forget that it is essential to draft a specific computer security plan, a computer security risk analysis and invest what’s needed in this area. Not achieving this always means failure, problems, and unpredictable consequences.

A computer crime always has two objectives: to steal money from our accounts and to collect information from our customers to swindle them. Never put at stake cybersecurity or the security of the people who have trusted the company.

If all the above doesn’t work, we must rely on forensic computer security experts from cybersecurity companies to review in detail everything that has happened in the system and avoid making cybersecurity mistakes.

Surely, they will give us complete information about risk assessment and also essential tips to make our company much safer and more reliable. Let’s not leave this aspect to chance, and invest in cybersecurity.


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