6 suggestions to create a response plan to a cyberattack

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A capable IT department, responsible for computer security, is necessary to succeed. In fact, digital risks represent serious damages to the credibility of any type of business.

We must not forget that 60% of SMEs with any type of computer security problem end up closing. Only 10% of the companies are able to recover and it may take around two years to restore the level of benefits before the incident. Moreover, we would like to offer six essential keys to successfully detect and overcome any type of digital threat.

Six keys to designing the best response plan against a cyberattack

Companies can take more than an hour to realize the existence of a security problem. We must use an effective response plan to put it into action when in doubt, in order to avoid any chances of suffering damages. These are the points to focus on in the response plan:

Total system review and threat rating

The review has been carried out through monitoring and auditing of all equipment and hard drives. It is essential to identify whether the threat is real and its severity.

How the problem will be reported

It is fundamental to have an open communication channel between the workers and the department in charge of risk assessment department. By doing so, we are able to evaluate quickly any affected or suspicious equipment. We must be prepared for the worst scenario and have other equipment available while the affected is evaluated.

Which part of the team is in charge of solving the threat?

A cybercriminal is a person who introduces the threat to the computer system, in order to obtain some benefit in exchange for eliminating the same threat. Our team must work 24 hours a day and have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently. For this, it is essential to have:

– Responsible department for the computer security of the company: The department who have dealt with the solution. Moreover, they are those who need to prevent the threat from spreading and reaching sensitive information. The department has to be prepared to deal with the negative outcome the damage could cause.

– Marketing managers to avoid negative publicity.  Issuing some kind of clarifying statement as soon as possible is essential to maintain a good image.

– Professionals who ensure the operation of the company at all times.

How the public will be informed of the problem

We are not talking so much about marketing as about compliance with the data protection law. We want our customers to be safe and calm. Also we will alert them of the possibility of personal data theft, while always providing a specific solution.

Final report

After verifying that the virus has been eliminated and everything is back to normal, we have prepared a final report reviewing the strengths of the plan and the possible improvements for futures threats.


Each threat is resolved differently, but each occasion is an opportunity to refine the plan and add new features to improve the company’s competitiveness facing the possibility of a new cyberattack.

The conjunction of the six previous points and its continuous reformulation is recommended to protect both the company and our client’s data.

To conclude, investing in computer security and designing a specific plan against cyberattacks are two complementary and irreplaceable measures to continue being competitive and capable when those situations emerge.

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